SKU: casablanca-runner-300x80
  • Pet Friendly
  • Stain Resistant
  • Easy Care
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Casablanca is a stunning reinterpretation of a simple tribal design, the Casablanca transition rug is all about beauty in the details. Contrasting against a neutral cream backdrop, the tribal pattern reveals a fabulous spectrum of vibrant colour, with magenta pinks, warm golden yellows and inky blues. This rug would be right at home in a vibrant, eclectic interior, used to anchor other colourful elements in your room. Thanks to a thick 10mm pile and silky polypropylene fibres, Casablanca is just as gorgeous to walk on as it is to look at. These durable fibres are also very hard wearing and will fare well in the high traffic areas of your home.

An underlay is essential for this rug.

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture Turkey
Colour Blue Multi-Colour Pink Purple Yellow
Material Polypropylene
Construction Machine Made
Weave Woven
Shape Runner
Pile Height approx. 10mm

Why you’ll love it

We all prefer a little ‘oops’ to ‘OMG - NO!’

You will not fret with this stain-resistant miracle of a rug.

From pet accidents to little people with mysteriously sticky hands, jump onto the mishaps quickly, and it will be like they never happened.

Destined to be a cat lady? We got you covered.

No amount of paws will ruin your vibe with this durable rug that is not only durable to stains, but it won't lose its threads to cheeky scratches.

Enjoy a red wine with the girls or cute playdough playdates without the crippling stress of ruining your 'good rug'.

Easy to clean, ideal for busy areas and perfect for the fam, yes, you can have nice things!

From sibling pile on’s to your energetic indoor pets, we don’t want you to give up what you love.

Enjoy this fibre that has been designed to withstand frequent movement.
It is perfect for those busy areas and all the family fun!

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