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If you wish to upgrade your living room, office or any other space, one of our rugs may be all it takes to do the trick. Rugs add texture, warmth and interest in any space and can therefore take your room from a 5 to a clean 10.

Our rugs are made of quality materials including hemp and jute blends, 100 per cent recycled fibres and top-grade New Zealand wool. Regardless of what you want, you can be sure to get the right style, size and price at Miss Amara rugs NZ.

Why Rugs are a Must Have

If you are still on the fence with regards to why rugs are a good accessory to have in both commercial and domestic settings, here are some things you need to understand.

Organize spaces

A rug placed at a particular area of the room can easily create a distinction between spaces. This is especially important in large rooms that may otherwise look unorganized and unappealing.

Decor options

One of the main reasons for having a rug in any space is that it often upgrades the decor of the area in which it is placed. Floor rugs come in different colours and designs and that can easily complement the theme of the walls and the floor.

Additionally, you can always switch from traditional to modern rugs NZ. Such flexibility allows you to break the monotony of having the same theme throughout the year.

Creates warmth

Think of those cold days and nights when you just don’t want your feet to touch the floor. Instead of cringing at the thought, consider having a nice fluffy rug that can retain warmth and insulate your feet from the cold bare floor.

Gives a professional appeal

Imagine walking into any office and you find it looking clean with a stylish round or Moroccan rug incorporated. The very outlook of the office will give an impression of professionalism. And that is how you make your business more appealing to new and old clients.

How to Choose the Right Rug

Choosing the right rug is key to achieving positive results, and that is why you should keep the following details in mind.

Consider your budget

The amount of money you wish to spend on the ideal rug should be among your top considerations. However, do not worry because at Miss Amara rugs NZ, we have a wide collection of products for those shopping on a budget and those who want to acquire more luxurious options.

Think dimensions

The last thing you want is to get a rug that is larger than the room or even smaller than it should be. Knowing the size and shape of your room is key to picking the appropriate rug dimensions.

Shag rugs are usually ideal for smaller rooms while runner rugs are better suited for open plan living spaces. If you are unsure about the best pick for your space, do not hesitate to get in touch with us for assistance on what to do.

The Theme

The theme you wish to create in any space is another important consideration to make. Traditional rugs go well with houses with the same theme while modern rugs are better suited for elegant spaces.

You should also think of the colour of the rug you wish to acquire. At Miss Amara rugs NZ, you can be sure to find a range of colours including green, black, blue, white, purple, multi-colour, brown, cream and beige.

Area of placement

Where you want to put the rug should also have a bearing on the type of product you pick. A plush or high-pile rug is ideal for the bedroom because of its low traffic. In that case, a polypropylene or wool rug can be the best choice.

The living room is a high traffic area and may require more rugged options such as cotton, wool, silk or jute rugs. Nylon and polyester rugs are highly recommended for the kitchen area. Synthetic rugs NZ are better suited for outdoor spaces such as the patio, verandah or balcony.

Unique considerations

The next thing you need to think about is your personal preferences. Some rugs are pet friendly while others not so much. Some rugs offer comfort while others are more stylish.

There are even rugs that do not retain stubborn stains. These unique issues can also help you narrow down to the most appropriate indoor or outdoor rug for your home or office.

How Can I Clean Rugs at Home?

One of the best things about rugs is that most of them are low maintenance and can be cleaned at home as long as you know how to go about it. Different rug designs and materials may require different cleaning techniques. Nonetheless, here is a quick guide for you to use when cleaning most rugs.

1. Set up an outdoor station

The first thing for you to do is set up an outdoor station where you can lay the rug flat. This will make it easy for you to access all points of the rug. Additionally, you should bring all your tools to the station. Some of the things you will need include the following.

  • A bucket
  • Hose for drawing water from the tap
  • Soft bristle brush or sponge
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Water
  • Rubber gloves (optional)

2. Initial cleaning

Spread the rug out on a flat surface and vacuum from top to bottom. Turn the rug over and repeat the same process. This will help get dust and other debris out of the pores of the fabric.

3. Thorough clean

Wet the surface of the rug and apply the shampoo. Start scrubbing gently from one side of the rug to the end. Continue the process until you are confident of removing dirt and any other stains. 

4. Rinse the rug

Rinse the rug using clean water. Make sure all the shampoo or soap comes off of the rug. It is easier to use a garden hose when rinsing because it offers running water.

5. Let it dry

The final step is to try and squeeze the rug to get rid of excess water. You may also have to put it in an elevated area to ensure water drips off of it. That may take a day or two. Only put the rug back into the house once it is completely dry.

Where Can I Buy Cheap Rugs Near Me?

The good news is that you can make an order from our online shop for any type of rug. Our huge rug collection offers you flexibility in pricing and style. What’s more, we can make delivery to your preferred location. At Miss Amara rugs NZ, we are committed to ensuring that the process of acquiring the ideal rug is smooth and effortless.

All you have to do is browse through our catalogue of traditional, modern and designer rugs then choose the products you fancy and place an order. Our staff will have a look at the details of your order and have it shipped to your location within the shortest time possible. Whether you are looking for advice on styling, the best rugs or want to make a purchase, go ahead and contact us for quick assistance.

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