At Miss Amara online, we have a wide array of outdoor rugs for you to choose from. Ranging from propylene to polyethylene terephthalate (PET, recycled plastic bottles) material and flatweave to Eco-friendly styles, you can be sure to find something that will certainly boost the ambience of your outdoors.


Benefits of Outdoor Rugs 

Most people know the benefits of indoor rugs but few ever take their time to understand why outdoor rugs can also be as beneficial or even advantageous than their indoor counterparts. A look at the following benefits should clear your doubts on whether to get one for your outdoors.

Instant beautification 

Outdoor rugs are available in a variety of designs and styles. This makes it easy for you to find one that can suit the patio, deck, porch or even the balcony. Once you install an outdoor rug, the ambiance of the space will immediately change for the better. A lot of people enjoy relaxing and taking pictures in areas that feature outdoor rugs because of the beautiful background.

Takes coziness a notch higher

Outdoor rugs also add a level of coziness to anywhere you install them. Such a rug makes your porch or patio quite welcoming by adding texture, colour and warmth. In fact, you will find that people who would normally stay indoors will get out more when they know that the patio or deck is as cozy as the bedroom.


They raise the level of safety 

A thick but soft outdoor rug can easily offer protection against the hard surface of the ground. This is especially important when you have little kids playing around in the yard or through the walkway. The cushioning that these rugs offer, provides a level of protection against falls that may otherwise be painful.

They offer protection 

If you have just had your new floors done and don’t want them to get damaged any time soon, it may be prudent to install some outdoor rugs for secondary protection. This is especially helpful on wooden or concrete floors that can cost you a lot of money in repair. Outdoor rugs on the other hand are affordable and can easily be replaced without breaking a sweat.

Cover up damage 

Sometimes the damage to your porch or patio is too extensive for you to afford instant repair. But with an outdoor runner rug placed over the damaged area, you can sit back and relax as you save enough money to carry out extensive repairs.

They are durable

Outdoor rugs are usually made of materials that can withstand diverse weather conditions. Propylene, PET and other types of synthetic fibre are often the major material in design. 


Not only are they resistant to heat, but they are also waterproof and therefore hardly retain enough moisture to create complications. What's more, the process of making outdoor rugs is quite extreme and ensures durability even in areas with high human traffic.


How to Choose the Best Outdoor Rug

Picking the right outdoor rug is key to enjoying all the benefits mentioned above. Here are some tips to help you make the right selection.

The seller matters 

Before you buy any rugs, be sure to confirm that the seller is trustworthy. This is usually easy to confirm because reliable sellers often have a genuine physical address, a professional website and responsive customer care staff. The seller should also be an expert in rugs just so they can assist you with advice when you need it.


Consider the size

Once you know the size of the outdoor area you want to install the rug in, you can easily find a size that fits. Some outdoor areas are quite extensive but can do with small round rugs to define specific parts. Other areas have limited space but may require a large rug to cover damage and increase safety for kids.

The material can make or break

If you live in an area that is often sunny or experiences hot weather, you should go for materials that do well in high temperatures. On the other hand, if you are in cold areas, it may be prudent to go for materials that do not retain moisture nor breakdown due to freezing temperatures.

Decor considerations 

There are a wide variety of outdoor rugs to choose from with some being colourful while others are plain or feature creative patterns. When making up your mind, consider what implications the colour, patterns and designs on the outdoor rug will have on the general decor of your outdoor space.

Your lifestyle 

The type of outdoor rug you settle on should also be informed by your lifestyle. If you are the type of person that loves hosting people to parties and family events, you may want to pick a low-pile rug rather than a jute or shag rug. On the other hand, if you have pets, you may want to go for a pet-friendly option.


How to Maintain Outdoor Rugs 

With the right information on how to maintain your rug, it can serve you for years without requiring replacement. Here is what you should know about maintenance.

Clean regularly 

Outdoor rugs do not need too much care and can often be cleaned by a simple broomstick. This can easily remove any dirt or debris that may otherwise be problematic. If your outdoor rug is small, you can as well pick it up and shake it loose of dirt. Vacuuming small rugs can also be a good way to keep it clean.


Avoid putting too much pressure 

Some objects are quite heavy and may have sharp points which can cause damage to the rug. To be safe, avoid applying too much pressure on the rug by placing heavy objects on it.

Thorough clean 

If it is a seasonal outdoor rug, give it a thorough clean using soap and water after every season. This will keep it looking brand new.

Store it safely

Instead of letting the rug stay out throughout the winter, roll it nicely and keep it indoors. This will help preserve its properties.


Where Can You Buy Cheap Outdoor Rugs?

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