At Miss Amara online shop, we offer different types of Moroccan rugs at reasonable rates. From wool and polypropylene versions to the plain surface and tribal patterns, you can be sure to find something that will suit your home or office.


Benefits of Moroccan Rugs 


Here are just some of the benefits you enjoy when you have a Moroccan rug in your home or office.


Ameliorates decor


One of the reasons why people want to buy Moroccan rugs in NZ is that they are quite beautiful. Some feature colourful patterns while others are hand-woven with intricate details that accentuate artistry and passion. This inherent beauty is often used to complement the decor of homes and offices around the world.


Insulates the ground


In most cases, these rugs are designed using materials such as cotton, wool and propylene. Such materials offer cozy insulation against the cold floor, especially during the cold seasons. Not only that, because of their soft texture they offer a safe place for young children to play without necessarily hurting themselves. Of course, there are also flat woven Moroccan rugs that are ideal for areas with warmer weather.


The test of time


These rugs are made using top-grade materials and go through strict processes to ensure they conform to the highest standards of quality. The combination of materials and good workmanship ensures they can remain in good shape even when used in areas of high traffic such as the living room.


Door into history and cultures


Moroccan rugs often have their origins from particular tribes in the country of Morocco. Each tribe created different types of rugs to reflect their cultural practices and beliefs. Some rugs represent royalty, others represent a time of prosperity and even forms of art. While making your selection, it may be cool to understand that you are purchasing something that represents an important cultural statement in another country.


Offers variety 


There are various types of Moroccan rugs in NZ for you to choose from and that makes it easier for you to pick the most ideal for each living area. Below are some examples of Moroccan rugs available.


How to Choose the Best Moroccan Rugs in NZ?


Here are some tips to help you pick the most appropriate Moroccan rug for your home or office.


Area of placement


Before you get down to taking care of your Moroccan rug, think about how and where you are going to use it. Placing a Moroccan shag rug in an area with high traffic such as the hallway or kitchen may not be ideal. Instead, pick a flat woven rug for such areas because it makes it easier to maintain. 


Think of the colour


The colour of the rug you choose should also be a factor of consideration when making a purchase. Brightly coloured rugs are often ideal for low traffic areas while those with darker shades or patterns can be the best choice for areas such as the kitchen and dining room.


Think of pets and children 


Another consideration to make when choosing the ideal Moroccan rugs in NZ is whether or not you have pets and children in the house. Some carpets are pet friendly while others are not and may therefore become a problem. You also want to be sure that the carpet you choose not only beautifies the home but also offers protection to your baby against the hard surface of the floor.


Can You Clean a Moroccan Rug?


In most cases it is not recommended for you to clean a Moroccan rug at home. The process can be quite complicated especially when dealing with a larger rug. However, you can use the following details to ensure that your rug remains clean and durable.


Shoes are a no no


When you come home from work or school, avoid stepping on your Moroccan rug with shoes. Instead take off your shoes first. This will ensure that no dirt or debris from the shoes rub off on the rug.


Crumbs on rugs 


When children eat, they generally tend to drop crumbs. This can also happen when an adult eats food that has a lot of crumbs. To avoid dirtying the rug, avoid eating on it. 


Vacuum regularly



It is prudent for you to vacuum your rug at least once every week. This helps to get rid of loose dirt and debris that may otherwise become problematic.


Shake it out



One of the easiest ways to get rid of dirt on your tug is to simply pick it up, take it outside and shake it off with as much strength as you can master. If it is a large Moroccan rug, place it on a railing or fence and give it a beating using a broomstick or any sturdy stick. The process will ensure that dirt comes off.


Spot clean



In case you spill something on your Moroccan rug, clean it immediately using a piece of cloth and warm water. That will ensure that the rug does not absorb the liquid and possibly make it a stain in the long run.


Where Can You Buy Moroccan Rugs in New Zealand?


Buy Moroccan rugs in NZ from Miss Amara’s online store. We have a comprehensive catalogue of carpets and rugs including Moroccan rugs, round rugs, jute rugs and more. Browse around the website to find out what product you want and place an order. We will do our best to process it and make delivery within 3 business days.