Miss Amara online shop offers some of the best rug options for anyone in New Zealand. From Moroccan rugs to hall runners and jute to shag rugs, there is always something that can match your style.


Why Rugs are Trendy


A lot of people consider having at least one or two rugs in their homes. This is not out of chance but because many people understand the importance of these accessories. If you are searching the internet for an online store that sells rugs in Auckland, here are just a couple of reasons why buying a rug from Miss Amara New Zealand is a good idea.

They boost decor

With colours ranging from yellow to blue, white to red and designs going from round to plush and flat, it is easy to understand why many people constantly put rugs in their homes. 


A simple round rug can create a focal point in an otherwise disorganized room, while a luxurious Moroccan rug can easily transform a simple room into an elegant place to relax. Rugs are an affordable solution to decor problems.

Offer safety 

Hard surfaces are a hazard especially in homes with little children running around all over the rooms. By adding a shag rug in the bedroom and placing a runner rug across the hallway, you can easily cover the hard surface and instead create a soft landing for children.

Prolong the lifespan of floors

Floors made of materials such as wood, tile or concrete are precious and relatively expensive to install. That is why offering a layer of protection over them is always a good idea. 


Indoor and outdoor rugs prevent objects and liquids from scratching or staining the surface of the floor. That ensures you do not have to worry about costly floor repairs or replacements any time soon.

They add warmth 

Nobody likes the cold winter days when the concrete or tile floors are so cold that you hardly want your feet to touch the ground. By making use of rugs in and outside of the house, you add the much-needed warmth to make your home the welcoming place it should be.

Reduce workload

If you are looking to buy rugs in Auckland, remember they are easy to maintain as they only require periodic cleaning. Otherwise, most people simply vacuum or use a broom to get rid of the dirt and debris that may be piling on the top or bottom of their rugs. This process is easy and takes away the need to carry out a thorough cleaning of the house regularly.


How Can You Choose the Right Rugs in Auckland?


Here are some tips for you to use when choosing the perfect rug for your needs.

Be keen on colour and shape

The colour of a rug can have a huge impact on the overall ambience it creates in the home. Pick a colour that will complement the furniture in the room without clashing with the hue of the walls and floor.


The shape should also complement the theme of the space in which the rug is placed. A round rug in a large square room can bring the definition of space while a relatively large rectangular rug can add coziness to an otherwise empty room.

Be smart with the style

Shag rugs are soft, fluffy and ideal for bedrooms and living areas while jute rugs are sturdy and eco-friendly enough to ensure you do not harm the environment. Moroccan rugs offer variety while outdoor rugs can be massive and quite durable. You need to strike a balance on the properties you want to enjoy most.

Think lifestyle

Some rugs are quite demanding when it comes to maintenance while others are relatively easy to keep in good shape. The more luxurious rugs often require extensive care while their budget counterparts can be maintained without breaking a sweat.

Choose according to living space

A rug that offers striking beauty in your living room may not necessarily do the same for the office area. It is always prudent to choose the appropriate rug for the living space you want to improve.


How Can You Clean Rugs at Home?


You need to follow the instructions on each rug when cleaning. That is because some materials may do well with one method of cleaning but can get damaged by another. Otherwise, here are a few ways to clean your rugs at home.

1. Utilize the vacuum

The vacuum cleaner can do an excellent job when it comes to getting rid of dirt and debris on and under the rugs you buy in Auckland.

2. Shake it out 

If your rug is not heavy or too large, simply hold it by the ends and take it outside. Shake the rug several times to ensure dust and debris fall out before bringing it back indoors.

3. Quick clean 

In case you realize some staining on your rug, take a piece of cloth, a bar of mild soap and some water then wipe off the stain.

4. Hire an expert cleaner 

Some rugs are made of delicate material that may damage if cleaned inappropriately. Talking about rugs, Auckland has several expert service provider to do the cleaning job for you.


Where Can You Buy Cheap Rugs in Auckland?


Buy cheap rugs in Auckland from Miss Amara online shop. We offer a variety of rug designs, colours and sizes to suit your needs. Additionally, we make delivery throughout New Zealand.