We'll be talking about our rug-making process, exploring our sustainability initiatives to the design process. We believe that the quality and environmental impact of our products is just as important as their style and functionality, which is why we're committed to making rugs that are not only beautiful but also sustainable and ethical.

Small ways we can reduce our environmental impact:

We’re focussed on reducing our carbon footprint. From air freight, and non-degradable waste, we are researching how we can reduce packaging that cannot be recycled. And recycle fibres - we are trying to develop more products with recycled fibres, whether PET (recycled bottles) or recycled leather.

Our design process:

Well, it’s the culmination of years of rug obsession!

A labour of love, our collections are been designed and curated after months of travel, countless conversations with our customers and intense research into rug making techniques and advancements in fibre technology. We are crazy proud of the results!

We take inspiration from some of our favourite destinations around the world and timeless design movements so you will see scandi, tribal, contemporary, traditional and mid-century design styles, all in the highest grade materials and a generous range of sizes.

Customer feedback was a really important element of our design process, and working with our rug makers directly gave us the freedom to address some of their long-held frustrations with the current rug styles on the market. For example, so many of our customers adore the look of natural jute rugs but don’t like the scratchy feel. So working with our manufacturers we sourced the softest possible jute fibres and experimented with cotton and wool blends to create gorgeous styles that keep the beautiful aesthetic of a jute rug but with a dreamy underfoot feel.

In another instance, we heard from customers who wanted to incorporate a traditional antique rug into their decor but were worried that the typically delicate style wouldn’t hold up in their busy family home. So we did a little experimenting and developed two rug styles with the unusual combination of an antique look and a hardwearing flatweave construction - perfect for even the busiest areas of the home and under high use furniture.

One thing we hear loud and clear is that our customers have busy homes and busy lives and would much rather spend their time hanging out with the family and furbabies than worrying about keeping everything clean (who can relate?!).

We also know that they are a seriously stylish bunch, so we wanted to create a collection that is truly ‘life-proof’ yet doesn't compromise on style.

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