Home Beautiful Magazine is an indispensable companion for anyone interested in home decor. It provides readers with expert guidance on how to turn their own homes into stunning displays like those featured in the magazine. The publication simplifies the principles of decorating, enabling readers to become skilled and confident decorators in their own right.

This article shines light on their chat with our co-founder Alexandra Tanya Weller. She shares her insights on how to discover your personal style, as well as helpful tips on using rugs to elevate your decor. Plus, she gives us a sneak peek into what we can expect from Miss Amara in 2023. So, get ready to be inspired and join us on this exciting journey of home decor!

What’s your advice for people trying to find their own style for their home?

Find your own style. In the day of social media, we are bombarded with inspiration that is so readily replicated. It can be really tempting to copy and paste from home photos we see that are on trend. But over time ask yourself does your home reflect you and will your future self be happy with your choices in 2 or even 5 years time?

This doesn't mean you shouldn't be inspired by these images, online is a great source - just to try and choose overall tones or textures or even a great layout to borrow from and then add your own touch. For me inspiration from physical places I have travelled to, like my favourite hotel in Santiago, restaurant in Byron Bay and my auntie’s home in Singapore are much more timeless.

Think of your style as an evolution of you - and your taste and experiences and you will be so much more fulfilled with the final product.

Actively joining and following pages that resonate with you will keep you in the mental space to keep evolving and switching things up as you please. I recommend joining styling groups on Facebook, and keep travelling - when you can go to art galleries and exhibitions.

What trends do you believe will be big in 2023?

I really feel that minimal and modern will be given the flick.

With the rise of Netflix series like Studio McGee’s Dream Home, we will be moving more towards spaces of warmth, natural earthy tones mixed with coloured textiles and statement art and sculptural pieces. Furniture will be more about form curves and organic shapes and lines.

What are your tips for adding rugs into your space/what can a rug bring to a space?

When selecting a rug for a space I always ask people two things - what is the space for functionally? And how do you want the space to feel? For example, if the lounge is the area you want the whole family to congregate and relax, then by choosing something high pile and luxurious like a wool berber will instantly create a zone - a sanctuary - for exactly this. But if you have pets, you can achieve the same thing with a stain resistant PET fibre select something with a high pile for similar properties - looking and feeling the same as wool with the benefit of not absorbing spills or odours. I love getting feedback that previously unused spaces have become places the whole family now lie and watch netflix or relax together!

As well as adding to the feel of a space, another thing people might not know is that a rug can make a space feel larger, as the rug acts as a subconscious visual boundary to the eyes. Choosing something oversized and having all your furniture sit on top of the rug makes your space feel expansive, and there is nothing more luxurious than a generous plush space that big and little feet to play, relax and congregate!

What’s in store for Miss Amara in 2023?
Any new products or collaborations you can let us know about?

Lifestyle is a big consideration and focus for us in 2023! Families are loving our washable rugs, so we will be honing in on how we can add more stylish and practical options for everyone. As people are moving away from minimalism, we’re also looking at widening the range of tones and colours on offer.
We’re also seeing a lot of families entertaining outside, so expansion of our outdoor range and rugs that can be placed both indoor and outdoor, as well as some gorgeous new picnic rugs. 2023 is shaping up to be a great year!

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